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Eradicate those bed bugs with one of our safe and effective treatment options.

If you live in Scarborough, you are probably aware that there is a big issue with bedbugs. Most of us think that if we have bedbugs in our home, we’ll know it. However, they hide away so well they may go undetected for months. Then you start seeing them around your house. At that point they may number in the thousands.

As with all pest problems, prompt action will prevent this issue from becoming a drawn out and expensive ordeal.

The first advice you may get from friends, neighborhood or family will be to throw out your belongings. Don’t. This extreme step is rarely necessary. The answer to the problem is to arrange a consultation with one of our professionals. We’ll help you choose the right course of action.

Our bed bug treatment process starts with an an extremely thorough inspection of the area in question. After the inspection our technician will give you the alternatives for treating the situation.

We use only the best products on the market. Our products are bedbug specific, and very environmentally friendly.

We know how sensitive an issue a bedbug problem can be. That is why our professional pest control technicians will be very discreet. Neighbours need not know what is going on.

We provide Guidance, Products & Services to Help You Get Rid of Bedbugs,
and Get on With Your Life.

Frequently asked questions regarding bedbugs

Once there are a lot of bedbugs, you will definitely know it. You will see the telltale signs of an infestation. This usually appears as areas of black spots (the insects excrement) on floors, clothing, baseboards etc.. However, a recent study indicates that less than 4% of people react to bedbug bites. This means that they could be biting you at night, and you wouldn’t know it! Meanwhile the problem keeps multiplying .

Unlike termites, bedbugs do not physically damage your home. They are after you, your home just happens to be a warm safe place for them to wait.

However, in bad infestations homeowners will be forced to throw away some of their possessions. While this is not damage, it will still cost you money to replace these things.

If you are selling your home the presence of a bed bug infestation can negatively impact the amount of money potential buyers are willing to pay, or worse it may not even sell!. Bed bugs can scare people off because they are difficult to eradicate, and no one wants to buy a problem. If you are thinking of not telling the buyer, that won’t work. In most of Ontario you can be sued for non disclosure of this house defect.

No, they won’t actually drive you crazy!

However, any pest infestation will cause you stress.

First of all, there is the worry about whether or not you will be able to get rid of them. That worry definitely takes a toll on you. Big infestations are hard to deal with and it is natural to be concerned.

Secondly, there is the embarrassment. As with head lice, there is a stigma associated with bedbugs. Many people think that bedbugs are there because your house is dirty, and not looked after. Of course, this isn’t true. The bedbugs want you, not the dust or dirt in your house. However, there is no changing some peoples minds. Furthermore, people may be afraid to visit you for fear of bring the bedbugs home.

Finally, there is the loss of sleep. Hungry bedbugs will keep you awake for sure. In some cases it is the actual biting that keeps you awake. In other cases it is simply the thought that they are there that keeps you awake. Either way you slice it, lost sleep will always increase your stress levels.

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