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Small Fly Identification

House Fly

Filth Flies– (Includes the house fly, blow fly, bottle fly, and flesh fly.) All are attracted to rotting and decaying materials, either plant or animal matter. Breed in manure or feces, rotting meat, fruits, or vegetables, or animal carcasses (including dead mice, rats, birds), and decomposing grass clippings or wet straw or mulch. Usually breed outside and move into the facility, but can breed inside if a food source is present.

Fruit Fly

Fruit (Drosophila) Fly– Attracted to yeast and fungus in semiliquid, fermenting or vinegary foods. Breeds in overripe fruits and vegetables, in beer, wine, vinegar, cider, ketchup, pickle juice, or in sour mops, dirty garbage cans, recycling bins, drip pans, clogged drains, animal feces. Tiny adult flies tend to hover in small circles.

Phorid Fly

Phorid Fly – Attracted to moist areas with rotting plant of animal material. Breeds in sewage, feces, dead animals, medical waste or wounds, compost, slimy drains, dirty garbage cans, drip pans, food debris, vases or cut flowers or wet potted plants. Theses flies are commonly associated with broken septic or sewer lines. Tiny adult flies often run across surfaces in a quick, jerky manner.

Fungus Gnat

Fungus gnat – Attracted to fungus or decaying organic matter. Breeds in overwatered potted plants, near water leaks, in damp new construction materials, bird droppings, leaf mold, grass clippings, and compost or mulch. Tiny adult flies are attracted to light and usually run across surfaces in a jerky manner.

Moth Fly

Moth (drain) fly – Attracted to gelatinous slime in drains or water filters, or decaying vegetation in shallow, polluted water. Breeds in scummy drains, drip pans, plant saucers, air conditioners, dirty garbage cans, leaking sewage, and compost piles. Tiny Adult flies rest on walls or near drains during day and fly in short, jerky hops at night.