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In 1938, Montague A. Sanderson had a dream and set out to ensure that everyone would live and work in pest-free environment. To accomplish his dream he started Reliable Exterminators Limited. Mr. Sanderson’s commitment to providing a pest-free environment was continued on by his son Donald for forty years before he passed the reigns on to his son David in 1988. During this period, Reliable Exterminators Ltd. was constantly introducing new techniques and environmentally safe service methods to the pest management industry. Reliable Exterminators Ltd. was the first pest control company in Toronto and Canada to develop an Integrated Pest Management program and experiment with the use of heat to eradicate pests.

Through extensive ongoing training and a quality improvement program, Reliable Exterminators Ltd. built a TEAM of professional technicians who could respond to any pest control problem. This attribute was quickly recognized in the marketplace and explains why since 1938 Reliable has provided service to over 100,000 clients.

In November 2002, Reliable was purchased by Brian Menard. With over 25 years of field experience, Brian introduced new technologies and services to the Reliable Exterminators portfolio of services. They include such services as a washroom care program, flying insect light trap program, drain maintenance program, bird management program, consultative services, and finally, a mosquito abatement program.

With our diligent services and modern approach we are known as the best company for pest control in Toronto. We believe that quality should be a supreme factor when we serve our clients. Besides this, we are also concerned about the health of you and your family, so we use effective pesticides that cause no harm to you. Adding to this, we are proud to say that we are the ones who posses eco-friendly insecticides to control the pests. Reliable Exterminators Ltd. has positioned itself through its professional staff and allinclusive services to be the number one pest management company in the Greater Toronto Area.