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Mosquito & Tick Seasonal Service Programs

Mosquito Control Service

We will ensure that our service treatment will enable you and your family to enjoy time on your property without being bothered by those pesky adult mosquitos and black flies.

The adult mosquito service starts in May and continues through August. This involves a U.L.V treatment once/month to all likely adult mosquito hiding spots, such as tall grass, shrubs, trees and wooded areas.

During the treatment the licensed technician, will identify any potential Mosquito breeding sites, and offer recommendations for a resolution to the problem. Reducing mosquito larvae breeding sites contributes to the overall success of the adult treatment program.

Our mosquito control service will provide the following benefits;

  • Immediate knockdown to any adult mosquitos
  • Mosquito lasting residual control to help eliminate other mosquitos that enter your property at a later date
  • Mosquito identification of mosquito breeding locations and possible larviciding treatments

Pricing for Mosquito Service

Typically, the price per service is between $550 to $1,000 per acre, depending on the amount of Mosquito hiding spots, mosquito breeding locations ie. standing water.

The frequency of the service is typically every month from May to September.

Tick Control Service

There is a growing concern over our pets, guests and family members been bitten and contracting Lyme disease from deer ticks. Our tick control program will run from Spring to Fall and minimize the risk of ticks entering and living on your property. The products used are safe for people and pets once it has dried, ie. 2 hours typically after application. Our Tick control service will provide the following benefits.

Instantly kill any ticks that are on your property at the time of application

Leave a residual control to further eliminate and prevent the ticks from entering your property

Minimize the potential risk of contracting Lyme disease

Provide a customized property inspection that will highlight potential tick breeding sites and solutions to rectify

Pricing for Tick Service

Ticks emerge early in the spring, so the program should begin in April and continue through to September with monthly applications. Typically the price per service is between $575 to $1000/acre, conditions conducive to ticks breeding on the property ie. tall grass, active deer population can result in a price surcharge.