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Is it possible to get rid of Earwigs for more than a few days? Yes!

About Earwigs

Despite their intimidating name, earwigs do not actually crawl into human ears. These insects are characterized by their distinctive pincers at the end of their abdomens, which they use for defence and mating rituals.

They are predominantly nocturnal, seeking shelter during the day and emerging at night to forage for decaying plant matter and small insects.

Normally natural predators help to regulate the population of earwigs and maintain ecological balance in their respective habitats. However, when they find their way into your home or garden they can avoid most of the birds and other predators that keep their numbers low.

Once they get in your house or garden they can really become a problem. While they aren’t dangerous, most of us don’t like having them around.

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We are a professional pest control company. We can usually take care of your earwig problem in one or two visits. We have specialized training, and are licensed by the Ontario Government. That gives us access to high quality earwig control products that work!

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Unlike many pest control companies, we stand by the quality of our work. We’ll do the job right. Then we’ll follow up with you to be sure that you are satisfied with the results. If you aren’t completely satisfied, we’ll make sure that you are. Check out our google reviews and you’ll see what we’re all about!

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