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Rat & Mouse Season is Upon Us…..

It’s that time of the year. The temperature is dropping, and millions of mice and rats are looking for a warm place to spend the winter.

Unfortunately for you, some of them have decided to camp out in your house. Yay…..

There’s no doubt about it, mice can cause a lot of damage to your home. They like to chew on everything they can find. However, this is like any other problem, it can be solved. One thing is certain…it is extremely important that you deal with rodents as soon as possible. This will minimize damage and the other problems that are associated with having mice or rats in your home.

You Could Solve This Problem Yourself

First of all, you need to get rid of the pest problem. This will involve strategically laying traps, and bait for them. Then you must periodically check for dead (or trapped) rodents.

Secondly, you need to find out how they’re getting in….because once they find a good home, they’ll keep coming back. That is certain. Even worse, they might just stay year round.

Losing control of your home is terrible. You work hard. It is tough to be tormented by:

  • chewing noises in the middle of the night
  • wondering if your air is clean and free from rodent borne disease or allergens
  • finding droppings everywhere, sometimes even in food.

You could solve this by setting traps and bait. Then you have to root around in your basement and attic looking for the entry points and signs of the rodents that you are hunting.

But…will you be successful? Do you even know what to look for?

An Easier Solution

A Reliable Pest Control expert can help you with this. If you want to tackle the problem yourself we can guide you on where to look, and how to eliminate critters that are bothering you. We can also recommend the best environmentally friendly products, and protective gear that you should use. We can also supply you with these products at a very affordable price.

If you try this and you are unsuccessful, let us know and we’ll send an experienced pest control technician to your home. They’ll get you the results that you need…..Guaranteed!

The Easiest Solution

If you don’t want to mess with any of this (and who could blame you!) contact us at 705-250-7378. Alternatively, you can use the convenient contact forms on this page, or email us at

We’ll know exactly what to do to help you.

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Andrew BarbatiAndrew Barbati
14:37 05 Sep 23
Reliable is the perfect word to describe the company. Fast and throughly explained service. Came same day and even noticed an additional problem I didn't know I had and fixed that too.
brandon marshbrandon marsh
12:56 15 Aug 23
Super easy to deal with super nice and I would recommend
david gdavid g
12:10 06 Aug 23
We had a couple of issues at our new home, Brian came immediately to deal with them. The communication was terrific, the services provided were great, and the follow up was even better. Highly recommended.
12:59 31 Jul 23
Terrific service and solved all my of issues ; I highly recommend Brian at Reliable Pest Control.
Sultan A ShahzadaSultan A Shahzada
19:10 28 Jul 23
Brian was awesome! Trapped and removed a ground hog in our yard within an hour! Great service.
M DesrochesM Desroches
14:08 26 Jul 23
Brian provides the BEST pest control services in Alliston.He is incredibly knowledgeable and conveniently responds quickly by phone/text. I reached out for help dealing with mice, and he came to my house the following day. He did a thorough assessment of my property, indoor and outdoor. He took the time to answer all my questions, explained & showed me everything he was doing, and educated me on rodent behavior so I would know what to look for in the future. I highly recommend!
Edward CottonEdward Cotton
22:55 07 Jun 23
My wife and I had occasion to have Brian Menard of Reliable Pest Control visit us to deal with our Carpenter Bees problem. Brian arrived very quickly after our call and immediately sprayed the area then applied a dust into the areas in which the bees had bored holes in our deck fascia. He advised us that he may need to respray before the issue would be totally resolved. He returned very early the following morning to deal with it. During the following two days, he sent several emails checking to ensure the problem was resolved. We were extremely pleased and satisfied with the service he provided and would not hesitate to recommend him and his company to anyone needing similar services.Catherine and Ed Cotton
Cynthia SkillingCynthia Skilling
19:42 09 May 23
I have used Reliable Pest Control a few times in different homes and they were always on time, offered excellent customer service and got the jobs done. They also followed up with the services completed. Brian is extremely helpful and knowledgable. Would highly recommend!

I was having many sleepless nights because of the mice running in our attic space over my bedroom, as they scampered back and forth. Listen to their pitter patter of their feet on the drywall. 

The loss of sleep was unbearable and very stressful.

Reliable Pest control (after one visit) resolved our mouse infestation as you can hear no more scampering about, I can finally get a peaceful sleep and my stress is gone.

-S Ingham

We were having an outdoor wedding in our barn and wanted to reduce the amount of mosquitoes for our guests. We didn’t know where to start, we had two acres and the mosquitoes were terrible, we couldn’t go outside without heavy duty mosquito repellent!

Reliable pest control was professional and the service actually accomplished what was promised. I didn’t notice a single mosquito all night! We realized they were able to solve our problem with a natural and safe way. We have chickens and didn’t want to use anything that could poison them.

We were able to enjoy our wedding night with all our guests without being swarmed by mosquitoes!!!

-Nicole M

We were having a problem with Rats in the barn getting into the chicken feed. They were constantly constantly doing damage to the foundation, wood, and storage bins. Hard to believe something so small can cause so much damage.

Reliable Pest Control was Very prompt with a variety of solutions. They also had Great follow up to see what was working and what was not – it let us get ahead of the problem quickly.

After a short time were seeing less tunneling/damage and there was less animal feed disappearing overnight.

For both cost and hygiene reasons it was a Great comfort to know the chickens are not sharing feed with rats. Happy that there is no longer ongoing damage to the building.

-Andrew L

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